Point Guard College Daily Schedule

Extension point: also known as line or extension, is a selected number of Las Vegas and abroad of gamblers that stimulate an equal number of people who put on the loser as favourite. If the fans think that two touchdowns, can use a rhythm team B as 14-point favorites. Favorites and positive value (+ 14) the oppressed indicates a difference, indicating a value negative (- 14). Their point guard college daily schedule victory point spread 14 followers that the team should mean at least 15 points, Paris. + 14 losing team lost 13 points and always cover the spread. Known as a value of victory - the spread (such as-14-115). Refers to how the EFF or the juice and the percentage of Commission in Paris, to manage sports betting. This means that you earn $115 risking $100. The outsider would be 105, a value like + 14. This means that it is possible to win $100105 if your team covers the spread. Total: known as over/under, it is basically a bet if the total had combined points by both teams below or above a certain number. If this number is 52. You need 5, Victoria or 52 points lower, using (= final sample 30-47 points, 17 less than 52 is 5) and 53 points or more to win (final champion = 40-21, Isaiah 61 52 5 points). Money on the Internet: usually hockey ice of Paris and the reserved old-time baseball, have won money from the College football popularity online. There is no infection, so his team must win the game to win by a certain number of points. A negative value means that the spread of one of the favorite-(180) and a positive value is a dog (+ 160). Seats in the middle of these two values in photo No. 100. For example, if you want to save a favorite 180 it risks 100 to win $180. + 160 is a dog in distress, the outsider wins win $100 and $160. .